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Why we exist

Challenges weigh heavily on you and your business…
  • Reimbursement changes
  • Referral slowdown
  • Employee turnover
  • And much more…
These are obstacles that are in the way of your practice growth.
It’s time to accelerate growth and create an environment employees love working for, patients love being treated by, you love leading.
The process
We help physicians increase profitability while decreasing stress.
1. Diagnose
  • Uncover cultural issues
  • Diagnose constraints
2. Remove Constraints
  • Constraints are obstacles in the way of your goal
3. Grow
  • With obstacles removed, your practice is operating effectively and able to handle an increase in high margin ideal patients
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How we diagnose your constraints
You check your patients' baseline health, before you treat them… Your business needs the same level of care.
Using our proprietary diagnostic we determine which constraints are impacting your practice’s ‘vitals.’
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Join hundreds of other physicians who have transformed their practice
Physician Growth Accelerator is designed to help you remove the obstacles keeping you from your goals.
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Zed Williamson discusses topics from battling decreasing reimbursements, finding and hiring the right staff, to harnessing predictable revenue growth. Learn helpful tips for balancing patient care while creating a successful business.

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Your Practice Vitals: Transform your practice from being stuck in constraints to creating predictable growth.

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