Advertising Repair

Do you advertise your medical practice? Concerned you are wasting money?
Repair my advertising

Signs you are wasting money...

You feel busier but aren’t making more money
Results are not clearly communicated to you
You find yourself debating whether or not it’s working
Answering more calls, but booking less appointments
Constantly struggle with no-shows and cancellations
More patients, not more income

Your advertising doesn’t have to be this way

You should not be left guessing if your advertising is providing you with the growth that your practice needs.
Repair my advertising

Repair your advertising

Our team has helped hundreds of physicians accelerate the growth of their medical practice with advertising that is rooted in neuroscience.
Using our neuroscience background, we stop the bleeding of your current advertising dollars and provide you with trackable results geared towards attracting ideal patients into your practice.
We uncover your ideal patient, create custom assets to spark behavior change and negotiate the best results for your budget. Physician Growth Accelerator can help you accelerate growth and repair your advertising.

Advertising Repair

See how Physician Growth Accelerator is accelerating private practice growth.
Ideal patient appointments
In just one month of advertising.
In ideal procedures
Over the course of twelve months advertising.
Are your practice vitals healthy?
Not all private practices are ready to accelerate ideal patients into their practice.
For your organization to feel the benefit from Advertising Repair, they must be able to effectively capture ideal patient demand, and create a great experience.
Practice Vitals Diagram

You don’t have to keep wasting money

Join hundreds of other physicians who have transformed their practice.
Repair my advertising
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