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Is your medical practice culture hurting your business?
Optimize my culture

Leading a medical practice is not easy

Being the leader of your practice, as well as the primary producer, can be extremely difficult. You are constantly walking the physician tightrope, balancing patient care while creating a successful business.
When you put more effort into producing, the business side of your practice suffers. When you increase focus on your business, production decreases.
You may see this in your practice through situations like…
Trouble hiring or keeping employees
Office drama
Constantly feeling hectic and busy
Are these frequent issues in your medical practice?
Optimize my culture

Struggling culture is creating chaos in your practice

You should feel like your entire organization is rowing in the right direction. You shouldn’t have to struggle with turnover and office drama. A struggling culture is the root of the majority of issues in your organization.
You can take control of your culture.

Culture Optimizer

Physician Growth Accelerator’s Culture Optimizer helps you regain control of your practice. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you and your team to identify the root issue, diagnose, and prescribe your practice the treatment it needs to overcome its struggling culture.
Check your practice vitals
Uncover the problem areas of your practice
the issue
Determine plan of treatement
Prescribe treatment
Work together to implement culture changes

You don’t have to live with poor culture

You can have an organization that employees love working for, patients love being treated by, and you love leading.
Optimize my culture
Are your practice vitals healthy?
Not all private practices are ready to accelerate ideal patients into their practice.
For your organization to feel the benefit from Advertising Repair, they must be able to effectively capture ideal patient demand, and create a great experience.
Check my vitals
Practice Vitals Diagram

Take control of your practice culture

Physician Growth Accelerator’s Culture Optimizer helps you regain control of your practice.
Optimize my culture
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