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So many ENT physicians are struggling with practice issues...

Work-Life Balance
Office Chaos
Drama & Gossip
Long Hours
And more...
Does running and leading a private practice have to be this way?
Absolutely NOT.
What is Physician Growth Accelerator?
Physician Growth Accelerator is a medical consulting partner that helps physicians uncover constraints in their practices and overcome them. 
How? In the same way you check your patient's vitals, we check your business vitals, identify the obstacles keeping you from your goals using our diagnostic, and partner with your practice to overcome them. 
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Transform your ENT Practice
Physician Growth Accelerator helps ENT Physicians control their destiny and take back control of their business.
1. Diagnose
  • Uncover cultural issues
  • Diagnose constraints
2. Remove Constraints
  • Constraints are obstacles in the way of your goal
3. Grow
  • With obstacles removed, your practice is operating effectively and able to handle an increase in high margin ideal patients

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"Physician Growth Accelerator has been the single most important thing to the success of my clinics. Zed's team has helped us in so many ways. They could offer expertise to any private practice - I owe a lot of my success to them.”
- Douglas Skarada, MD
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