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A Step-by-Step Guide for Hiring Talent at Your Medical Practice

Are you seeking top talent for your medical practice, but can’t seem to find the right candidate? Physicians everywhere struggle with hiring. But what if a few small changes to your process could help you attract the right people?

In this episode, Zed unveils a groundbreaking approach to transforming your hiring process. He draws parallels between human behavior and business systems. He also shares a powerful interviewing strategy that uncovers candidates' true natures and helps you align their expectations with your practice's reality.

Learn how to optimize your hiring process, grow your medical practice, and build a team that's perfectly aligned with your values and goals.

What we discuss in the episode:

  • How new talent helps reduce constraint
  • A simple exercise to help you identify your ideal candidates
  • Best practices when creating a new job posting for your practice
  • Personality profiling tools that can help you avoid your own confirmation bias
  • How to set up behavioral values that matter to discover if a candidate is aligned with your practice

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