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Can Patients Find You Online? The Truth About Your Practice Website

Imagine a patient struggling with symptoms, frustrated by their discomfort, and they’re taking action. They go online in search of a reliable physician. Will they find your website? And if they do, will they choose your practice?

It may sound simple, but there are many layers to the patient's decision-making process that can make this more complex than you’d think. In this episode, we explore the challenges that arise when building your online presence. From online search terms, and the impact of content on your website, to Google listings and mobile compatibility, here are some key points to consider to get your practice seen online.

Join us to hear more about:

  • The action vital and how to assess your success with it
  • How to analyze your website from the eyes of the patient
  • Why mobile web designs are more valuable than desktop
  • Creating emotional connections with your ideal patients A rubric for grading your online presence

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