Ideal Patient Accelerator

Do you lack control over what type of patients you see?
I need ideal patients

Your practice is busy, but not with ideal patients

All patients are important, and patient care is always #1 in your practice. As a physician, this has been instilled in you. As a business owner, to have a thriving organization, you must look at your time and the patients you see through a different lens.
You have a limited amount of time in a single day. What if your day was filled with appointments from the patients that...
You love treating
Have great outcomes
Are highly profitable for your business
Poor call to appointment conversion
Schedule is not optimized for ideal patients
This group of patients is what we call the “Ideal Patient”.
I need ideal patients

You can bring more ideal patients to your practice

You don’t have to be at the whim of how your schedule is filled. You can create success for your practice by strategically capturing more ideal patients.
How? Great question…

The Ideal Patient Accelerator

Physician Growth Accelerator can help you bring ideal patients to your practice through neuroscience and behavior change tactics and transform your day-to-day, and bottom line.
The Ideal Patient Accelerator is your key to unlocking this transformation
Our proprietary system:
your ideal patient
Uncover messaging to replicate ideal patient behavior
Create assets needed for behavior change
Optimize budgets for desired patient return
Finalize and
Ideal patient acceleration begins

Results in Action

See how The Ideal Patient Accelerator has been transforming
Are your practice vitals healthy?
Not all private practices are ready to accelerate ideal patients into their practice.
For your organization to feel the benefit from Advertising Repair, they must be able to effectively capture ideal patient demand, and create a great experience.
Check my vitals
Practice Vitals Diagram

You don’t have to live without control of the patients you see

Join hundreds of other physicians who have transformed their practice with The Ideal Patient Accelerator.
I need ideal patients
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