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Transform your practice from being stuck in constraints to accelerating predictable growth.
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Your practice has vitals, just like patients

Before you diagnose a patient, you check their vitals.
Your medical practice needs the same level of care to achieve the success you desire.
Through working with hundreds of medical practices, we have discovered that there are 9 key vitals that determine the number of patients you treat, their experience, and your office culture.
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Understanding your practice vitals...

How do you know if your vitals are healthy?

Physician Growth Accelerator has developed a diagnostic to help you determine the vitals youneed to work to improve.
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Learn more about your practice vitals on The Physician Growth Accelerator Podcast...

From battling decreasing reimbursements, finding and hiring the right staff, to harnessing predictable revenue growth…you constantly walk the physician tightrope —trying to balance patient care while creating a successful business.

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You can have healthy vitals

Physician Growth Accelerator can help you...

Simply check your practice vitals


Determine the root cause of your problems


Diagnose the treatment your practice needs

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