Driving Patient Demand to Satisfy Lower Back Pain

Discover how orthopedic practices in multiple markets drove consistent patient flow by attracting patients with a specific disease state. Learn about TrackableMed’s predictable growth framework that produced 823 callers and 597net new patients requesting an appointment in less than 90 days.

The Challenge

An estimated 60-70% of adults suffer from lower back pain. Unfortunately, many of these patients spend their lives trying to manage the pain rather than addressing the root issue. With a non-invasive technology, orthopedic surgeons knew they could help with this disease state but needed a way to attract patients effectively. They were seeking a good return on their advertising investment and predictability of patient response. That’s when they turned to TrackableMed.

The Solution

To address this, TrackableMed deployed an advertising program targeted to the “Untapped Addressable Market”—i.e., patients that are not actively seeking treatment or referrals from their provider. These patients are often left out of market calculations because they’ve already been living with the pain for so long, they may be tired of the run around, or believe they’re not able to be helped, so they’re not even being referred by their primary care provider. The TrackableMed team knew they needed the campaign to speak directly to the patient’s pain, so they started by conducting interviews with current patients, which provided insight into to the patient’s disease state and emotions. The team then deployed a stepped campaign approach—building,  testing, optimizing, and expanding ads based on predictive factors. This helped the practice skip the traditional “research phase” often prescribed by advertising agencies—the phase that typically costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and lots of time but lacks specific outcomes.

The Results

The patient-first advertising approach was a wild success from day one. In fact, the practices received calls within the first day, even the first few minutes of the program going live.

Highlights include:

The practices were pleased with the overall results, along with the speed and predictability of the program. Additionally, they were creating happy, healthy patients with a healthy addition to their bottom line.

“When we saw patients calling in within seconds of hearing the advertisement, we knew the marketing campaign connected emotionally with the patient and that would drive the outcomes we were looking for.”
– Zed Williamson CEO, TrackableMed

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