ENT Case Study: How a New Practice Achieved Their Patient Goal in Half the Time

A brand-new specialty practice was looking to make its splash in the market. With the doctor coming from a currently established practice, it was going to be a challenge to acquire net new patients that provided predictable, scalable growth.

Services Utilized:

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Behavioral Ad Strategy
  • Ad Creation - Multi-Media, Digital, and Social
  • Media Placement and Buys
  • Call Management
  • Appointment Setting
  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Physician Benchmarking Strategy


  • Web
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Digital
  • Social
  • SEO

The Challenge

As a new practice in a highly competitive market, the physicians were looking for patients with a specific disease state — but did not have referral sources established.Also, because they came from a previous practice, they faced limitations in
building those referral sources because the previous practice had long-standing relationships.

While they were finishing the build out of the new clinic, they knew they needed a strong digital presence, market awareness, and a predictable advertising program to hit the numbers on their proforma.

One of the founders was familiar with TrackableMed and its track record in driving patient demand for specific disease states. Patients with this particular disease state are enjoyable to treat, achieve great outcomes, and lead to economics that are healthy for the practice.

The Solution

Prior to the practice opening, TrackableMed put together a campaign strategy and roll out plan that highlighted the specific disease state that was a focus.

Leveraging the building blocks of a powerful website built around the patient’s needs, the team also deployed search ads for discovery on search engines, radio and TV ads, and social ads. Supported by the right message and psychology in the copy, the team was dedicated to saturating the market with the right tactics and frequency to generate results.

Upon opening the doors, the patient response was nearly immediate!

Appointments were booked not because they knew the doctor from the previous practice, but because they engaged with the advertising and knew the practice could help them.

Because of TrackableMed’s appointment setting call center, their familiarity
with specialty practices and previous experience in converting patient calls to appointments, their team was also engaged to handle the calls and appointments from the advertising efforts. As a result, no calls were missed, and TrackableMed team members were able to connect and create great experiences from the start.

The Results

As a result of the advertising and growth acceleration services from TrackableMed, the practice was able to achieve their patient goal in half the time!

As a result of the broadcast advertising, they were booking on average 73appointments per month with a cost-per-appointment of merely 1.3% of their advertising budget.

When analyzing their initial proforma, they discovered that they’d beat their expectation by 3 months. What they thought was going to take them 6 months todo—from a patient head count, as well as revenue, they were 3 months ahead!

Additionally, Google was ranking 29 of their service/keywords on the first page of the local search results.

Due to TrackableMed’s predictable growth framework and the confidence gained by the consistent patient flow, the specialty practice has gone on to add 3 additional locations in separate communities with 3 additional providers.

“We’re pleased by the results we were able to generate for this practice.This further supports the belief that whether you’re new or established, you can establish a predictable patient flow for a specific disease state using the right behavioral psychology and a precise combination of advertising tactics.”
– Clark Wiederhold, TrackableMed

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