Urology Practice Group Generates a 79% Increase in a Single Procedure

Discover how a series of specialty medical practices increased new patients by 79% fora single high-margin procedure, and took advantage of an untapped portion of the patient population with TrackableMed.

The Challenge

For patients with an enlarged prostate, their treatment options usually swing between traditional treatment (that often comes with painful and unnecessary side effects) or invasive surgery (also painful along with healing and down time). Both options often deter patients from taking a next action or booking further care with a urologist.Recognizing this, the practice owners decided to promote a less invasive option through a technology they were utilizing. They realized they needed to deploy direct-to-patient advertising to produce results.However, they weren’t sure where to start or how to drive patient demand quickly and generate an ROI that could allow them to scale the number of procedures they were doing nationwide.

The Solution

The practice brought in TrackableMed because of their reputation in building patient acceleration programs. The team immediately started designing a direct to patient campaign and structuring the neuroscience behind the campaign in order to drive the desired action from the target population. This involved interviewing patients, drafting designing initial campaign messaging, creative development, and drafting and designing a plan for testing in one market.Once this was done, the practice went live with the campaign in one test market. The goal here was not only to generate calls—it was also to determine whether or not the ads were on target and resonated with the target audience.In the first month of ads in a single city, the campaign generated 136 new patient inquiries.The results of that test indicated not only that they had a winning combination, but that patients were eager to get more information!This initial success provided the certainty and predictability needed to expand the ads to additional markets. Additionally, because of the immediate increase in revenue, the team began talking expansion to additional media channels beyond radio, including television and cable networks.

The Results

In a 12-month time period, the specialty practice increased their patients for this particular procedure by more than 79%. A total of 6,762appointments were generated as a result of the campaign. Online traffic to the practice’s website also increased by 75%.

Overall, the practice was able to generate a 27 to 1 return on their investment, garnering $27.50 for every $1 spent on advertising.As a bonus, there was a lift overall from patients referring their friends and others, which were not tracked as a part of this campaign.

“TrackableMed was able to develop a predictable, trackable formula for advertising growth, giving certainty and clarity for specialty practice growth. This made it possible to know how many impressions they needed to serve in a market in order to generate a result.”
– Zed Williamson CEO, TrackableMed
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